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Signs You Have Outgrown Your DIY Branding

September 16, 2020

Take it from people who’ve been there, starting your own business is A LOT of hard work! You often have to choose where to strategically invest your time and money. We understand that in the infancy of starting a business DIY logos and branding attempts work—they sustain us for the beginning stages of our business launch. However, you (& your business) typically (& quickly) outgrow your DIY attempts. Cue the perfect time to rebrand! You finally have a strong idea of what your brand is and who your ideal client is. Here are four signs you have outgrown your DIY branding.

Sign 1. Your brand doesn’t effectively represent who and what your business is all about. 

When you first got started you purchased a template, spent time adding in your content, and made it work! But as time went by you realized your brand is lackluster, the content, look & feel is falling short of all that you have to offer. Plus, everyone else in your industry looks put together. You offer an awesome product or service and you have a special, unique magic to share with the world that’s unlike your competition. That’s a big sign you’ve outgrown your DIY branding—it’s time to show off that unique magic, make your brand stand out, and make waves in your industry. 

Sign 2. You’ve tweaked your DIY branding so much that it’s no longer consistent.

The DIY was the initial route for you, but you’ve grown, and evolved! You’ve refined time and time again. The problem is… visually, your content doesn’t look cohesive or consistent. We’ve said it before, consistency is key! Your lack of consistency makes it difficult for your audience to connect to the content, product, or service you are producing. That’s sign number 2—you’ve outgrown your DIY attempt.

Sign 3. Traffic to your Instagram and website is there, but the numbers aren’t converting. 

You’re into the numbers! Your google analytics and Instagram metrics are showing that pageviews and engagement is up (YAY!) but you aren’t getting more conversions (FYI, conversions=sales)!?

If you aren’t seeing an increase in sales or inquiries it’s probably a sign that you’ve outgrown your DIY branding. Time to rebrand! A brand strategist & designer may just be the answer to your problems. We focus on making beautiful & strategic brands, and websites that effectively communicate your unique brand magic, that way you can focus on signing clients or selling products rather than your design. When you invest in your business, you invest in yourself. 

Sign 4. You’re ready to invest in your business and launch yourself to the next level.

Last but certainly not least, you are ready for the investment. In your business’s infancy, you had to choose where to invest, but now you are at the point where you are ready to take it to the next level! You have a product ready for the shelf or have a waiting list of clients in your inbox. You’ve finally gained traction, ideal clients are giving you money to do what you love! Time to level up! Looks like you’ve outgrown your DIY branding. 

Did you adamantly nod yes to any of these points? Do you feel a bit BLAH about your brand? Do you feel it doesn’t feel consistent or accurate to your service? If you have your hands up praising YES or realized GEEZ THAT’S me its probably a sign you have outgrown your DIY branding! The brand you’ve always wanted is within reach. But, you already knew that. You’re clever, confident, creative and a downright boss so why shouldn’t your brand reflect that? It’s time to break up with DIY and say goodbye to blending in and bland design that is less than inspiring. You have the power to make your brand all that you want it to be and we’re here to help you make it a reality. 

We start with a holistic, conscious approach to all projects we take on, formulating crafty, creative solutions that bring the best of Leona Collective to you. Our process is fun and purpose-driven, so you can feel confident that we have your back. Ready to take a leap of faith?

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