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Our Strategic Branding Process

September 30, 2020

Come one, come all, we welcome to the often overlooked and misunderstood: BRANDING. We know, it can be confusing, and an incredibly trendy word and misrepresented. Before you roll your eyes, let us give you the true definition of strategic branding. Strategic branding is, the process of aligning and finding the overlap between your personality, your business goals, and your customer’s needs to help you prioritize and focus on a clear vision to serve, sell and communicate with your audience. It gives you confidence in moving forward putting your best efforts into the world.

A comprehensive and strategic brand is a carefully curated map of actions that align your personality, goals, and your audience. We like to call the process discovery because we get down to the nitty-gritty, the unique magic, the essence of your brand, the discovery process details, and documents the overlap of your business’s intention, your business goals, and your ideal client’s needs. Here is our strategic branding process. 


  • You have passion and goals and you need help merging the two together.
  • Your head is full of amazing ideas and you need clarity on how to make those happen.
  • You lack clarity in your message, positioning, and visual identity. You’re not sure if what you have works together and you’re leaving your ideal client lost and confused. 


  • Simply, you aren’t dedicated. Your audience will get what they can from you if they feel like sticking around. 
  • You aren’t driven by clarity of purpose.
  • This is something temporary and you don’t goals for your business.

Our Process

Our process is living and ever-changing, we want to be flexible to the clients we serve, if we find a way to make the experience better, you can bet we will serve it up. However, our core process is strategic, stable, and measured for success. We break down our process into 3 phases, here is the inside guide. 


Goal: Through open and conscious collaboration, be objective, look at your industry, ideal clients, goals, and intentions. Here we will carve out your messaging (who you are, what you do, and how to communicate with your audience).

  1. Your Goals/Intention—Who are you? Why did you start your business? What’s your mission? What do you believe in wholeheartedly? This is your brand magic.
  2. Analyze the competition—We figure out who else is out there, what are they doing and how could their experience help you improve. It’s not about comparison, it’s about strategic research.
  3. Brand Positioning—What sets you apart from the crowd? What’s your niche? How are you different from your competitors? Why are people drawn to you?
  4. Pillars—What are the three core values of your business? How do these pillars come to life? How can you infuse these values into your content and touchpoints? Can you use them to bring value to your ideal client?
  5. Ideal client—Who is your ideal client? What value do you provide them? What are they motivated by and yearning for? When you identify this, you learn how to communicate in a way that serves and is effective.

PHASE TWO: Development 

Goal: Put the strategy into action! The party starts here. Create brand recognition through your brand’s visual identity.

  1. Visual Identity—Finding a consistent, personable, and beautiful way to convey and portray your brand’s values and personality through the colors, fonts, and graphics that you use? This is where you lock down what your brand will look like, your visual identity is comprised of your primary, secondary, and tertiary logo, typography, patterns, graphics, color palette, and photography style.


Goal: Drive the strategy home! Take the strategy and visual identity and execute the materials you need to drive your success.

  1. Usage—Now you put all the strategy and design to good use. Stand loud and proud and share your newly branded business with the world. You will have your ideal clients and competition drooling over the strategic, professional brand you’ve been dreaming of. 

The process takes time and effort. But once you’ve trusted the process of aligning and finding the overlap between your personality, your business goals, and your customer’s needs you’ll have a clear vision to serve, sell and communicate with your audience. The best part is seeing the progress unfold and serving your ideal client to the best of your ability. We hope our strategic branding process empowers you to dig deep. 

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