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Things your brand designer wants you to know.

October 14, 2020

Working with passionate people is incredibly rewarding. At Leona Collective we feel honored to service passionate and compassionate businesses. While branding is part of our everyday work, we are aware of how daunting and new brand design can be. We want to share 3 things your brand designer wants you to know.

1. You can be successful by celebrating your unique magic.

As brand designers, we love having our clients’ trust in our knowledge, expertise, and experience. While we realize you can find inspiration from the designs you’ve seen before, we wholeheartedly believe your unique magic is worth celebrating. When you trust us without a doubt, we are able to create a strategic brand that’s in alignment with your unique magic, goals, intention, and ideal client. We promise your brand will turn out even more amazing and purpose-driven than you hoped!

2. Your trust in us means more than you know.

Your trust in our expertise and experience matters more than you may ever imagine! When we initiate our relationship with a new client we love the feeling of a blank canvas. Going through your discovery process ensures we learn about your intention and goals— we can’t wait to begin curating and create a brand that allows you to connect with your ideal client in a purposeful way. When you send a Pinterest link or lock us into a font you love — we feel less trusted, and our creative freedom tempers.

3. Your visual identity matters, but how you put it to use matters more.

Often, clients feel overwhelmed when they see their visual identity. How will they use this visual identity? Will all the pieces come together? The truth is, your visual identity is only a piece of the equation. While visual identity plays an important role in your business, we believe web design and marketing materials truly bring every detail together. In combination, these elements build an engaging, detailed brand experience your audience can journey through. We know it’s hard, but with a little patience and trust, we will help you bring all the elements together.

We share this with the hope you’ll feel confident as a business owner. Your unique magic matters! Our greatest joy is curating and capturing it through strategic design. Likewise, we hope you’ll feel trust in this beautiful field of professional designers. And finally, we hope you’ll feel empowered to use your new brand effectively throughout all your touchpoints. Your unique magic shines when put into proper use. There are our 3 things your brand designer wants you to know.

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