The Importance of Growing Your Email List

December 16, 2020

Last year, I became acutely aware of the importance of building my email list. As a long-time social media junkie, I was hesitant to dive in but the more I learned the more I realized it was ideal for my business. Then, my boyfriend got me the best Christmas present a girl could ask for—that is to say, the gift of growth via Jenna Kutcher’s List to Launch Lab (email marketing course). Today, I’m excited to share the importance of growing your email list. Ready?! I hope you enjoy and find the benefits your business will reap as well. 

The Email Skeptic

I remember the first time I heard about email marketing I figured, meh isn’t for me. I have Instagram, why should I focus on anything else?  And then I heard a HORROR story from a fellow designer whose Instagram was deleted. Cue the freakout. That can happen?! The truth is we don’t own our social media platforms, at any moment our accounts can *poof* disappear and all our hard work on curating our feed and our faithful followers are GONE. However, an email list is YOURS, no one can take that away from you. This was my number one motivator!

Why does every business need an email list?

So why should every business have an email list? Well, there are a zillion reasons…but the most important? You have your contacts at the tips of your fingers. You have the ability to promote, educate, make announcements, share news, or sales. Similarly, we have this strange notion that followers are OURS but they aren’t. Yeah, you read right.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…those platforms “own” the followers. They have the power–they dictate the user experience, what followers see, and what they don’t see. Crazy right?! Email marketing works with your brand voice, your terms, and your timing. One of my FAV parts…You don’t have to worry about algorithms or alienating people from your message. Consequently, when you get subscribers, you are in control of how what, why, and how personalized the content will be. I know I’m not the only person who checks their inbox daily.

What would I even send to my email list?

No matter what kind of business you have, having an email list can be a game-changer! Opt in’s are places where your audience can say, “Hey there, here’s my email, I want to know more about you, your business, and what you have to offer”. There are countless strategies to collect emails like offering 20% off coupons, free shipping, waitlists, free downloads, worksheets, guides, etc. When people subscribe to your email list, they are clearly interested in what you offer. Thus, eliminating the need to scream into the social media void!

Therefore, you can deliver content or a message to people who already know who you are and what you do! Awesome, right? Are you running a holiday promotion? Email. Are you running a special/sale? Email. Need to send a mass message to your clients? Email. Want to stay in touch with your client (past & present!). Email. The list of ideas is endless.

Email is a chance to build community

One of the coolest feelings is sending out an email to my inbox and getting responses back! Seriously, a quarter of my list of replies each week! I know it’s odd to say that email is intimate but comparing it to a social media post because it’s landing in someone’s inbox. Why? Because you provide your audience with value instead of selling things to them incessantly. When you serve your audience with content they will love (freebies, links to blog posts, inspiration, life updates). Most importantly, when the time comes to offer them a product or service, these are your loyal engagers. As Jenna Kutcher said, “email is one of the best ways to grow the know, like, trust factor with your audience” which is just one great way to run a profitable business.

Start your email list today!

Whoop there it is! What I believe is the importance of growing your email list. If you haven’t started collecting emails, run don’t walk! Now is the time. If 2020 has taught us anything is that life & business can be uncertain. Don’t get caught off guard, start building that know like and trust factor and take control of our audience. With algorithms getting more complex and your audience being spammed with ads at every scroll it’s time to serve your audience in a more genuine way. I hope you enjoyed this post on the importance of growing your email list. If you know anyone that could use this post, do us a solid and share it!

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