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3 creative ways to grow your email list

March 10, 2021

As we mentioned in our post titled, the importance of growing your email list, email marketing has played a big role in scaling our business. Email marketing allows us to better connect with our audience, allowing us to serve them with valuable content, update them on our monthly occurrences, and occasionally serve them valuable information on new services. Today we’d like to share 3 creative ways to grow your email list.

The Content Marketing Institute claims, 77% of B2B Companies use newsletter marketing as part of their marketing strategy. If you’ve ever used a discount code from an email, you’ve experienced email marketing and thus you know it works! 91% of consumers visit their inboxes on a daily basis Hi, it’s me, email addict! I can’t see the notifications pop up, or else I’ll get sucked in, seriously it’s something I’ve been working on!) 

“Okay I get it, it works, but how?” 

First, we need to start with a little vocab lesson. You will need to know this lingo to navigate this email marketing world! Believe us, once you get started you won’t want to stop its SO MUCH FUN! Anywho, a lead magnet is a special offering that attracts your audience to subscribe to your email list. This is where creativity comes in! These days of crowded inboxes, people are careful of who they share their emails with. So let’s jump in!

Today, we’re sharing 3 lead magnet ideas to grow your email subscription list! These 3 creative ways to grow your email list, will help you connect, serve, share and better understand your audience.

A lead magnet should ALWAYS align with your Ideal Client, and what problem you are solving for them. Your lead magnet should answer a question they have, or fill a need they have, in an introductory way. 

1. Educational PDF Download

PDF downloads can be anything and everything under the sun! The possibilities are endless! It could be a checklist to guide them through a process or a step-by-step guide they can follow. Heck! We even have a social media planner that brings so much value to our audience. Whatever it is, your PDF should offer and answer your ideal client needs. Pro tip: create value.

2. Access to a private Facebook Community

Having a private Facebook Community can be a great way to build that know like and trust factor. Your Facebook Community could be a great place to share educational resources. It could also be a forum to share common experiences.

3. Try a challenge or educational email series

This could be a 5-day challenge offering advice, guidance, or education. Our client Your Hormone Balance just wrapped up a 30-day hormone balancing challenge. They provided free, simple, and actionable tips their subscribers could follow! They even threw in a giveaway for added social media participation.  

WHOO You did it! You have a lead magnet!

Now, how do you go about sharing it with your audience? Here are 3 ways to share your lead magnet and grow your newsletter list:

1. Blog about your lead magnet

See what we did here? Writing a blog and creating a lead magnet to compliment it is something we often do! Blogging gives you the ability to share the benefits of your lead magnet, encouraging your audience to subscribe. BONUS TIP— if you’re on Pinterest you can PIN a graphic from your blog post to Pinterest. Then, it can be shared and re-shared, giving you a farther reach! 

2. Share about your lead magnet on social media

You already have an active audience on social media, might as well cross-reference your content. This is what we do, creating evergreen content allows you to share across your different platforms. Diligently and strategically sharing about your lead magnet to your social media profiles allows you to have a farther reach. FYI with the dreaded algorithms, it’s important to share and re-share your content to help it have a farther reach.

3.Add your opt-in to your website in strategic ways

If you haven’t done this already RUN. This is one of the simplest ways to collect subscribers from your email list. Adding a call-to-action on your website can increase the likelihood of website visitors seeing your lead magnet. Create a lead magnet for every page of your site, that supports the content you are sharing on that page.

Email marketing can play an important role in the way you share and connect with your audience. We are so hopeful that today’s blog helps you have a whirlwind of ideas to get you started on your lead magnet creation! We’d love to hear your creative ideas in the comments or heck even a quick message. We’ve even created a little PDF to help you get started (see what we did there *wink*wink*)

Over everything we hope you have a blast using these 3 creative ways to grow your email list to help you grow your email list.

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