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Why we believe less is more

April 21, 2021

This one is short and sweet folks because this is one principle we believe to our core and it’s so simple. We are so honored to serve passionate people building their brands and web designs. We’ve designed everything from bright and punchy, light and airy styles to dark, masculine, and moody styles, every brand has a personality and we approach each in a unique way. 

Our best work incorporates fun, unique features — texture, shape, pattern, and font styles. All these features can bring any design to life, so it’s no surprise that sometimes during consults, clients ask for a TON of added design elements before we approach the brief. Here’s what we believe:

Less is More

Design details should be used sparingly. We are firm believers that these fun design details should be just that—details. The sprinkles and cherries on top—not the messy caramel sauce that spills all over the place creating a hot mess! These beautiful, carefully designed details should enhance your overall design.

The reason we love design details is that they are used sparingly. You may not realize it, but we love them used in subtle, modern, elegant ways. Those fun accents pull people in! When used too often or too harshly, they lose their shimmer.

Too much of a good thing can dilute your brand. You might think we are exaggerating, but overdoing design details can actually dilute your brand’s unique magic. Because your unique magic isn’t about a pattern, texture, color, or typography, it’s your personality, authenticity, and passion shining through. Accents and design details should never compete with your unique magic. Our goal is to ensure your brand shines and mindfully draws your audience’s eye where it needs to be, not distracted by frills.

We promised short and sweet and that’s exactly what it is! We want to make it crystal clear that we’ve honed our design style in a way that is tailored to what’s the most strategic for your brand. Nothing is cookie cutter or pre-designed. This is why LESS IS MORE! What do you think about fun design details? We would love to hear your thoughts and hope you share with the world if you agree! What to learn more about design? Check out this blog post titled “Common Brand Terms Everyone Should Know”.

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