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Before Rebranding

May 5, 2021

What comes to mind when you hear the word “brand”? Perhaps a particular logo comes to mind, or you may think of a particular font or color palette. Or maybe the word “brand” makes you think about Sephora, Adidas, or Siete Family foods — the businesses you feel connected to. We’re here to tell you a brand is a reflection on ALL the details of your business–your logo, your color palette, your font styles, your patterns, your photography, your copywriting, and voice — essentially these all work together to create the personality and feeling your audience and customers can connect to. Although it may sound intimidating, it’s actually a very strategic and fun process! We’ve our clients through the process many times, bringing all these details together in a way that helps bring out their unique magic and connect to their Ideal Client more efficiently. Today, we’re excited to share the things you need to know before rebranding and when it’s best to pursue a rebrand (or new brand!) for your business.

How do I know when it’s best to pursue a new brand? Here are some key indicators! You might be experiencing one of the following:

1. You’re feeling like your brand (or website!) doesn’t feel exactly like you.

Your brand and/or website doesn’t feel like an accurate representation of what you do, who you are, or perhaps,  they’re not reflective of the quality of work you do. When you layout your brand and website, you should feel as though they are working for YOU — effectively communicating about your business, expertise, approach & best of all your unique magic. If your brand or website isn’t making you feel confident, it’s probably time to try something new. 

2. You’re in a state of transition.

Perhaps you’re an event planner who has decided to focus wholeheartedly on weddings and will therefore eliminate corporate events. Maybe you’re a copywriter who is launching a template shop, and you want to shift your business’s focus from being about your services to bring about the amazing products you can provide. If you’re creating a significant change in your business, it may be time to change your brand too!

3. You are ready to raise your rates & connect with your ideal client.

It’s hard to begin a new season in business — especially when it comes to raising your rates, there is a little psychological limbo you often do to deal with the changes. Your current brand and website were designed with certain goals in mind — and if your goals are changing, then your brand and website will need to change too!

Did you nod your head ‘yes’ to all of these reasons? …now you know it’s time for a rebrand!

Over the years, we’ve served amazing businesses that have come to us for a myriad of reasons, typically it’s when they’re ready for a rebrand. We recommend rebranding when your brand and website aren’t aligned with your business, goals and are hindering you from moving forward.

Okay so know you know… but now what? Here’s how we recommend moving forward:

Step 1: Look for clarity!

To create a strategic branding experience, first, take a moment to find clarity in your business. This is the who, what, where, when, why, and how! Once you have clear answers to these questions, you’ll be ready to start from a strong strategic foundation.

Step 2: Get clear on your goals.

What do you want this rebrand to achieve? What is your focus? Is it about showcasing your incredible products, showcasing your unique selling point and services? Knowing your goals is what will help you strategically pursue this new endeavor.

Step 3: Find a strategic professional designer.

In the same way, you are unique to your industry, every designer and studio is unique. To ensure your brand and website are aligned with your goals, work with a designer who is goal-oriented, too. Design has the ability to be beautiful, purposeful, and strategic! Search for a professional designer who will seamlessly blend beautiful design and strategy — to ensure the designs are in alignment with your goals. 

We truly believe every business owner should experience an intentional, strategic branding process. It’s an unforgettable experience that gives you the confidence to invest in your business! Hiring a professional designer and completing the branding process allows you to rest assured knowing a professional has your back. We hope this blog post serves as a helpful guide to share the things you need to know before rebranding and when it’s best to pursue a rebrand (or new brand!) for your business.

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