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How to Improve Your Experience as a Client

June 2, 2021

It can feel a bit odd to hire another business when we spend a vast majority of our days guiding our clients through the experiences we created for them. It feels foreign to be guided through a new and unfamiliar, client experience created for us. The big question is how can you learn to be a better client? We’re a HUGE fan of outsourcing. As a small business owner, chances are, you’ve outsourced for your small business. If you’re a wedding planner, you’ve probably hired a brand and web designer to cultivate your online presence. So today, we want to talk about you — and how to improve your experience as a client. These 3 ways to improve your experience as a client, can make all the difference in your experience. How can I learn to be a better client? Here are 3 ways to improve your experience as a client:

1. Let it go.

Trust us, do your best to start your experience from a blank canvas. It’s totally natural to make the assumption every business operates like yours. But, every business has its unique approach. Especially with the client experience. When you start your experience from a blank canvas, you allow yourself to be taken through a special journey created just for you. 

2. Be open and communicate authentically.

At Leona Collective our client experience is driven by authentic communication and collaboration. We communicate with our clients on a one-to-one basis, ensuring our clients always know what’s going on. Our collaborative process is tried and true, and we appreciate it when our clients oblige. The process thrives when we can offer and receive open and honest feedback. It helps us to journey toward your unique magic with our strategic approach. Without open and authentic communication — sharing inspiration, concerns, or questions — we might not succeed in capturing your unique magic. Therefore, as a client, we recommend communicating openly and authentically.

3. Trust the process.

Just like you have polished and honed your process– so too has the business you’ve hired. Trust their process and be open to receiving a finished product different from what you had imagined. At Leona Collective Co., our goal is to always create a unique experience that leaves the client feeling satisfied and inspired to launch. With this promise, we truly need our clients’ trust.

There you have it, friends!  3 ways to improve your client experience. We offer many resources to arm our clients with tools for success! It starts from our “experience guide”, multiple checklists, written guides, and blog posts to serve your success. We’ve carefully created and curated them to create a seamless, engaging, and fun experience. Did you LOVE this blog post? We thought so, share with your fellow business owners and tell us what you think in the comments!

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