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Should I add my Pricing to my Website?

August 8, 2021

As service-based businesses we have many decisions we must make. Decisions about the types of services we offer. Decisions about how we build those packages, and how we want to price those services or packages. While a value can be standardized there is something that can be very divisive. “Should I add my pricing to my website?” While some may say no way, we are on a team happy medium. Just like most things, it’s all about setting expectations. A very controversial topic, today’s blog post will cover the topic: should I add my pricing to my website?

Should I add pricing to my website?

Every small business is completely unique. Although this is our experienced advice we want to warn other businesses to do what works for them! Our hope is that this exploration will help you make the best decision for you and your business.

Should I add pricing to my website? YES!


At Leona Collective we believe in transparency and therefore share our starting price for all our services. For us, being transparent about pricing has been our way of communicating openly with our potential clients. We’ve found when sharing the prices that we often connect with our ideal client in a more effective way. These ideal clients go into our consultations already reviewing all the details of our services, pricing, and process. They usually join the consult wanting to know us a little bit better, ask follow-up questions, or are ready to book. Beyond creating openness, we are big believers that listing your prices helps communicate the value your services provide. Sharing your prices helps draw the big picture for potential clients who are new to your field. 


While putting your prices on your website can communicate transparency and value, it can also backfire. If your prices are lower than average in your field, sharing those “low” prices could be perceived as a red flag. Likewise, if your prices are higher than average, sharing the “high” prices could deter potential clients. Note that if your website, copywriting, or content doesn’t align with your prices and ideal clients, visitors will pass you up quickly. Listing your prices means that all of the details of your brand need to work harmoniously to communicate a cohesive message.

Should I add pricing to my website? NO!


If your prices aren’t listed on your website, you can in turn use your website as a place to showcase the value your services offer. Thus, when a potential client connects in an initial consultation, you can openly communicate and outline even more value. When you finally share your pricing, your potential client will be more likely to say YES after having been exposed to the value you serve. Therefore, when you communicate the value, your pricing won’t come as a surprise, because you’ve set a strong expectation through your communication and client experience thus far.


When your prices aren’t listed on your website, potential clients could determine your value without ever connecting with you. Here is an example, if the work you showcase is beautiful, but your prices aren’t listed, your potential clients may think: “these are surely out of my budget.” By not listing your prices on your website, you run the risk of missing out on connecting with potential clients personally, guiding them toward the services meant for them.

The Happy Medium

And here’s where our opinion and method of choice comes: happy medium! Set the expectation by sharing price starting points. You could use the phrases “our price for [fill in the blank] starts at _____.” or  “ Our clients typically invest _____ in their experience.” Given these ‘starting at’ prices, potential clients ballpark understanding of your pricing, and can be encouraged to book a consultation with you to discover what their unique investment will be. 

There you have it, folks! We’ve taken a very controversial topic amongst service-based businesses, and broken down the pros and cons in hopes you will find clarity on what’s the right way FOR YOU! If you liked today’s blog post: should I add my pricing to my website, share it with a fellow business owner who might be struggling with the same dilemma. Until next time! 

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