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3 ways to Intentionally Grow Your Digital Presence

August 25, 2021

All the recent changes in the digital spaces we engage in lately, got us thinking, are we pivoting or making decisions out of fear? Have you ever stopped to think about how you make your business decisions — or heck even your personal decisions? Today on the blog we’re teaching 3 ways to intentionally grow your digital presence- you know sans stress. We’ve all made choices from a place of fear or worry, even because everyone else was doing it. But the truth is, when you make decisions from a place of fear, your decisions tend to be frantic. Unnecessarily stressful. You might find temporary solutions but they are often unsustainable. Worst off, you might find yourself working harder than necessary, or even stuck in a creative rut stuck where you are.

On the brighter side, when you make decisions from a place of clarity, peace, and purpose, your decisions tend to be rooted in sustainability and authenticity. Ultimately supporting your long and short-term goals. It gives you the ability to craft a plan, to think rationally and critically. As small business owners, we are often fatigued by decisions. The recent changes in the digital space are no exception. There is so much out there changing and it’s daunting, but if anyone can (cue Ross) PIVOT, we entrepreneurs can.  We have 3 ways to intentionally grow your digital presence so that your business benefits in the days, weeks, months, and years from now. While we are living in a time filled with fear, we’re offering you some tips to hold onto planning, peace, and purpose. We hope this post will help you to become stronger business owners.

3 ways to intentionally grow your digital presence

We’ve used our gifts to start businesses with purposes. Little by little, and day after day. The small steps we took at the inception of our business have helped us get to where we are now. We’ve seen first-hand how important it is to react: proactively rather than reactively. That way when chaos strikes our foundation feels slightly more secure. That’s why our recommendation is to take many small steps for your business and allow it to grow.

Here are our 3 ways to intentionally grown your digital presence:

1. Start a blog.

Some might think blogging and long-form writing is dead but we do not agree. Blogging is the perfect way to not only show your audience you are a thought leader, but it is a great way to create content for your other platforms. Consider reposting your blog content to your social media platforms, Pinterest, and depending on your industry even LinkedIn. Now, don’t get overwhelmed here! We aren’t saying you need to have a new blog post 2-3x a week. We recommend doing something that’s sustainable for you!

Consider starting a blog series or setting a blog schedule you can stick to. Blogging is also a fantastic way to boost your SEO (“search engine optimization relates to the likelihood that your website will be discovered via search engines, like Google ”). We consider foundational pages of your website like Home, About, Services, Portfolio, and Contact as the core of your website, while your blog posts serve as the branches. The more blog content you write, the more branches your website has. Your website becomes more visible online which in turn increases the likelihood of your ideal client finding you in an organic way.  

2. Start & Grow you email subscriber list

In previous posts, we discuss the importance of email marketing and creative lead magnet ideas. Email marketing has played a big role in scaling our business. Email marketing allows us to better connect with our audience, allowing us to serve them with valuable content, update them on our monthly occurrences, and occasionally serve them valuable information on new services. Today we drive that point home by reminding you how important it is to serve your subscriber with content. By growing your email subscriber list, you can more personally serve your subscribers and super fans. Remember that blog you started, you can use your email list to share that new post with your audience. We are all privy to the world of ever-changing social media algorithms, having a healthy, growing newsletter subscriber list can make all the difference when you can’t connect with your audience on social. 

3. Embrace Change.

Especially those made on IG. While startups often start with an individual we are firm believers that together we are better.  Building a community and networking is our favorite part about IG. Don’t let the changes in the algorithm affect the good things the platform has created. When we find or create a community we can accomplish so much more. Take one step at a time to learning and pivoting as we often have to do as a small business and roll with the punches. Every business and industry has an evolution and this is exactly what’s happening with the changes Instagram is rolling out.

Don’t whine about these changes, instead take them in stride and learn from them. We can all be resistant to change (believe us we weren’t thrilled either) but think of the benefits. You’ve creatively challenged yourself and your brain to think in a new medium, perhaps this can inspire and reach even more of your audience. We all absorb things differently, perhaps now someone who is influenced by video or audio can connect with you better. 

There you have it, folks! Thanks for reading along and considering our option on 3 ways to intentionally grow your digital presence. We hope this doesn’t come off as pressure but as motivation to make small steps towards a bigger end goal. When investing in your business, you invest in yourself. Rest assured that the small actions you’re taking today are bringing value to your future business.

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