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Why Your Blog is More Important Than You Think

September 22, 2021

Some might say it, but blogging is NOT dead! Blogging is well and alive! Serving up incredible content our audiences benefit from. While we didn’t start blogging consistently until the beginning of 2020, we’ve seen an incredible benefit. At the start of our journey, we aimed to write 2-3 blog posts per month, doing so has shown us what a major role blogging plays in our overall business & marketing strategy. At Leona Collective, blogging has added a layer to our business that our “static” website pages (Home, About, Services, Portfolio, & Contact) simply can’t. Our blog enables us to educate, inform and communicate openly about our passion, services, our process, and our business expertise. This beautiful blog has increased our website traffic, connections with prospective clients, and best of all has allowed us to educate our audience better. Today, we’re excited to share why your blog is more important than you think — plus a few tips to create blog content when you’re not feeling super creative, or you’re just a little nervous to publish your thoughts!

Why Your Blog is More Important Than You Think

1. Blogging gives you the ability to freely share about your work!

While your portfolio showcases your work, blog posts are the perfect place to share your process, your methods, and possibly case studies. The content of your blog posts (if done correctly) speaks to your Ideal Client about your work. Why the investment is worth it, why it matters, the heart that goes into it — along with your unique process. Sharing these details helps convey your unique magic and expertise behind your business — two important messages worth sharing with your readers and your Ideal Client.

2.Blogging gives you the ability to connect with your Ideal Client in a more personal way.

Blogging gives a more human approach to communication. Writing lets your personality shine in many ways. Through blogging, you can speak directly to your Ideal Client, and therefore, build a stronger connection through your writing. When you try it for a while, blogging truly feels like writing to an old friend.

3.Blogging allows you to “sell” your products and services on the reg.

While your Website has static information (The content on your Home, About, Services, Portfolio, and Contact pages) your blog can help to sell your products and services even further. Be smart! Use your blog as a marketing tool. Talk about the benefits of your products and/or services.

4. Give ya’self a boost.

A boost to your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that is! Blogging can significantly boost your Search Engine Optimization (the ability for your website to be found when people use search engines like Google). Blogging, essentially, creates more “arms” of your website, and therefore, helps it to be more easily found. Our website is built on Showit, which uses a WordPress back end for blogging. Our go-to plug-in is the YOAST SEO Plugin. It helps us ensure every blog post is not only well-written but is also well-designed for SEO.

5. Blogging gives you content to cross post to other platforms.

Your blog content can have LEGS FOR DAYS! When we write a blog post, we maximize the exposure our audience (and ideal client) has by sharing it with ALL our social media platforms. Blogging has the potential to be evergreen content.

“Evergreen content is content that remains relevant regardless of the season or the time-frame, just like trees that never lose their leaves. In terms of value, it is content that never loses a residual level of traffic. With the right strategy, evergreen content will consistently generate interest over time, and people will still come looking for it for months, years, even decades to come.”

Brain Labs Digital

When you cross-share your blog content to multiple platforms over time (resharing at a later time is one of many ways to do this!) your content works for you multiple times. Not only can you share to your social media platforms, but you can also use these posts to share with your email list

“Okay we get it but IDK what to blog about!”

3 tips for knowing what to blog about- your blog is more important than you think!

Idea Number 1:

Blog about your everyday life! The easiest thing to blog about is what you do each and every day at your business. Share about your recent clients via case studies, share their experience, or your approach & process while working with them.

Idea Number 2:

Your FAQ is your best friend! Use your Frequently Asked Questions to brainstorm blog topics. Your blog posts serve as an awesome resource for prospective clients who want to learn more about what you do and how you do it. BONUS– use this new blog post you just created to share with new clients so they have some expectations and questions answered in an expressed written out way. 

Idea Number 3:

Break it down! Breaking down large topics into smaller topics is a fantastic way to create multiple pieces of content for your blog. Take a reiki instructor for example, rather than talking about an entire reiki session, talk about the pros and cons of reiki, talk about your favorite moments in a session, talk about tips for the meditation, breathwork, clearing your chakras, or how to help yourself after a session. When large topics are broken down into smaller topics, your content creation can easily multiply.

There you have it, friends! Blogging was daunting when we first started. Don’t let it intimidate you the way we did. Blogging can make a huge difference when it comes to being found on search engines, connecting with your ideal client, and expressing yourself in a new way. Share this blog post with someone you think would benefit from its lessons. 

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