Kitty Mars

Kitty Reim

Take away the fact that I’ve known Kitty for years — there’s something about this project that aligns so much with the type of service I aim to provide for all our clients. Kitty and I worked together in Corporate America at the same agency prior to starting our own businesses. She has been a loyal friend through all of life's changes — including before and after my mother passed away. Whenever a big milestone would hit, Kitty would bring me my mom’s favorite flowers — tulips. She’s thoughtful, intuitive, and extremely talented. I think it’s all the reasons why this project came together so eloquently. 

Industry: Massage Therapy/Energy Healing/Wellness
Service: Branding, Web Design & Course Materials
Project Date: Fall 2020

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behind the design

About Kitty Mars 

Kitty is a licensed massage therapist with a masters degree in design. She offers services including massage therapy, reiki, and sound healing. Kitty is a fine artist outside of her exceptional work as an energy healer and massage therapist so having her stamp of approval and love for this brand was extra special. 

The Challenge

When Kitty asked me to do her branding and website, I was so honored since we had mutual friends in the industry that do similar work as I do. I had been in business for 2 years when this opportunity presented itself but I also was still figuring out what type of clients I really enjoyed working with. Once we got started, I quickly realized that Kitty embodied the ideal client that I wanted to work with going forward. That, in itself, was a huge breakthrough in my business on top of an awesome case study to show others alike. 


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