My Soul Season

Lori Patterson

When Lori decided to launch her business, she remembered Leona Collective through a mutual book club we both attended virtually years prior. Once we rekindled, I knew she was going to be a pleasure to work with. Lori didn’t know exactly what she wanted but she knew what she did like and what she didn’t like which allowed us to really explore our options clearly. She had such thoughtful questions when we reviewed feedback which helped me not only refine my process but educate her the way a designer should to their client. Lori was so receptive, honest, and excited which made this such a fun process!

Industry: Counseling/Energy Healing/Coaching 
Service: Branding & Web Design
Project Date: Winter/Spring 2022

A Collaborative and Purposeful Project

behind the design

About My Soul Season

Lori is really passionate about leaving the world a better place, about making people feel seen and heard, and giving people, especially women, the tools they need to discover and reveal their inner selves. My Soul Season offers intuitive guidance, curated resources and spiritual tools to empower seekers as they navigate the different seasons of their life.

The Challenge

My Soul Season required the most intense downloads of design. I poured out 5 different logos, all with completely different looks. It took lots of reflection to select the perfect one to benefit Lori’s ideal client and represent her true identity. 

A Creative Powerhouse

My Soul Season is a revival towards self. Not only is Lori a powerful energy to reckon with, but all the creative partners involved on this project made it that much stronger. It was a beautifully collaborative process with photography taken by Alicia Leigh Photography and copywriting done by The Collective Source. I love it when many creatives can come together to make a beautiful end product and elevate the brand even further. 

"I am still blown away when I view my website that Andrea designed for my business. It is so gorgeous, clean and creative. She helped shape my thoughts and feelings into a cohesive brand, logo, and the most beautiful color palette I’ve ever seen. I was truly appreciative of her professionalism and organizational skills in terms of communication and timing for our project. The tools she used to communicate updates are so helpful and the videos she makes for explanations really helped me navigate my way around. I cannot say enough good things about Andrea’s sweet, confident and knowledgeable attitude either. If you’re looking for brand, logo and/or website help, I would definitely recommend Andrea and Leona Collective.


Lori patterson | my soul season


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