What’s Next Singles

Kirsten Brady

There’s just something about working with someone that’s right within your community. Kristen and I have actually been connected for over a year through our church. When I found out about her exciting business venture, I had to suggest working together. Kristen is a smart, creative woman and it was so fun to collaborate with her on this multi-layered brand. 

Industry: Social Club
Service: Branding
Project Date: Winter/Spring 2022

A Local Austin Brand

behind the design

About What’s Next Singles

What’s Next Singles is a membership-based social club that seeks to fill the gaps in the lives of those craving more. The club creates opportunities for people to build a community that takes them places. Kristen wanted to create an experience that gives people the chance to be social in a fun, safe, and stress-free environment.

The Challenge

The industry, look, and audience of this brand is very different from my typical clientele. What’s Next Singles is geared towards males and females, while most of my work has been centered around women audiences with a more feminine style. Although a bit nervous, my excitement for what this brand would become fueled our collaboration. Kristen never settled during the entire process. The strategy portion was extremely well thought out and refined until the very end. I also loved that Kirsten wasn’t afraid of using color! She let me go all out and the final product was not only super fun and playful, but also extremely intentional. 


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