Collaboration and building authentic brands, brands that build up our community, breathe life into all they touch, are full of good vibes and yes, a little bit of magic. Good branding has the ability to make you, your clients and your talents truly shine. 

The name, Leona, comes from the Spanish slang for “lioness,” which is the perfect representation of who I am and what I envision my clients to be: courageous, majestic, wise and hard to deny,
the people that you can’t help but be drawn to. After all, authenticity and confidence are never easy to ignore.

Leona Collective,
is all about... 

Hey there, I'm Andrea Elisa Ulloa. An Austin based Creative Director and Strategic Brand designer with a #growthmindset. I’m completely obsessed with sparkling water, dairy-free matcha lattes, color, typography and dumplings! I have always been a bubbly, infectious lady with a positive attitude, and thirst for knowledge. As a student, I learned from the very best at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. 

We all have our special brand magic—it's my intention to help you share it with the world, visually.

Before founding Leona Collective, I worked as designer in corporate marketing, learning everything I could to make the biggest impact, contributing to everyone around me. Corporate life wasn't for me—I grew tired of stuffy meetings, long commutes and designing for the sake of beauty (with no purpose).

Thanks to God, my support system, and persistent personality, I took the leap of faith.Little did I know that this would be the catalyst to change.

I probably should have known that the first grader who was persistent and an advocate for those who couldn't speak up would chase her dreams and found a business that helps like-minded passionate people discover their visual identity.

Do you want to know what gives me butterflies? Helping passionate people reach their potential. I’m all about collaboration and building authentic brands, brands that build up our community, breathe life into all they touch, are full of good vibes and yes, a little bit of magic. I help people realize that good branding has the ability to make you shine. And hey, I promise we will have
fun on the journey. 

you can find me

i answer to 

morning routine

Writing blogs, cooking all the things, eating all the snacks, reading, long walks and listening to true crime

Wake up, read a little, lemon water, morning walk and prepping for the day ahead.

Andie, Andre, Drea, Baby girl, Babe, Curly chick, Creative Director.

My Favorite Things

Office Manager Extraordinaire. Spunky, loud, loyal and always one to offer his opinion, Ollie’s the best office manager you could ask for. He’s a seven-year-old Goldendoodle who is a huge fan of ice cream (sour patch kids, too!), and always down for a good cuddle.


bubbly beverages
handwritten letters


Love for my family, love for my fiance, love
for my friends, love for my Savior, love for my pup,  love for my career, love for my clients,
love of travel!

Cooking & 

Intern & inspector general! Spunky, snuggly, moody and always down to show up on the 'gram, Arya’s the best intern you could ask for. She’s a five-year-old tuxedo kitty who is a huge
fan of pink ham, fresh water, Chick-fil-a nuggets
& small bites of In-and-Out cheeseburgers!


the beach vitamin SEA!

The woman behind it all

You're ready to level up your brand via our strategic journey.

You're ready for your look & feel to reflect your values.

You are ready to put your trust in a creative expert to help your business grow with intention.

You're ready to connect with your ideal client on a higher level.

You’re passionate about bringing out the best in people.

We're the right fit if...

I live & work in a state of purpose and meaning, I work with enthusiasm and a child-like wonder for my client. Plus I'm  joyfully reliable, helpful and nurturing to others needs.

We're passionate + dependable

I stay authentic and true to myself & hold you to the same standard. I formulate authentic, strategic ideas through purposeful play and fun exploration.

We're genuine + creative

Why we stand out amongst the rest...

I stay curious and open, and always learning. I promise to keep learning so I can bring the best of me, to you. PLUS I'll share what I know with you!

We've got classic education + street smarts

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