Ailin Rachael Hyde

Rachael Hyde

One thing I wholeheartedly support is women supporting women and/or creatives supporting other creatives. Rachael and I both had a need for our businesses that the other could fill so we decided to do a fair trade of services! I was looking for a brand photographer and she needed her brand and website designed so it was two creative worlds colliding at just the right time and the end result (on both sides) was perfection. 

Industry: Wedding and Branding Photographer
Service: Branding & Web Design
Project Date: Fall/Winter 2020

Two Creative Worlds Collide 

behind the design

About My Ailin Rachael Hyde

Although Rachael is a fellow Texan here in Austin, she also does photography in Singapore! Rachael has such a deep-rooted brand story which is another reason why I was so excited to work with her on this project. ​​Although born in Melbourne, Australia, Rachael was raised in Singapore. She grew up in a mixed culture family and moved around a lot during her childhood. Her first name is Ai Lin, or 爱林 yet her friends have always called her Rachael. She chose to embody this into her brand to serve as a reminder of her upbringing in Singapore and her beautiful cultural background. 

The Challenge

This was another project where I was in the early stages of my business and wasn’t so sure who I could serve best. Racheal was an ideal client before I even knew who my ideal client was. The process of working together was simple yet very collaborative and meaningful. I love the work we created together through her branding and web design. This was one of the first big projects I was really proud of and still remains a fan favorite! 


Rachael and I also wrote an article collectively on the importance of brand photography which lives on the blog to this very day. Check it out here! 


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